We create environments that transmit well-being.

Vertex Trading is a company located in Agullent (Valencia) with more than 30 years of experience in the home textiles and upholstery sector. We design and manufacture our collections that we want to show you here on our website to make you know how we can transmit wellness in your home environment.

Kronos is a fabrics collection inspired by the mix of modern and traditional designs.

We create fabrics that tell stories


The Kronos collection designs have a touch of creativity and distinction capable of harmonizing different colours in the same environment.



A collection with fabrics specially created for your environment

Same quality in design and colours variety of Vértex Trading.


Details in this report must be considered as average.

– VERTEX materials used are first quality and meet the highest specifications for resistance and durability.

– Our fabrics carry the proper finishing to highlight the esthetic values and collate a soft touch.


Treat stains immediately.

For liquid stains on the fabric, remove this area with a clean and non-cutting element.

Newly produced stains can be removed easily, rub gently with a clean cotton cloth dampened with water and mild soap.

With deeper stains, soak the fabric directly and rub with a clean cotton cloth.

After removing the stain, dry the fabric, first with a dry cotton cloth and let dry at ambience temperature. The fabric must be completely dry before usage.


Brisas del Mediterráneo

A collection full of light and colours, with fabrics created to dress outdoor environments

Know more about this collection

Multiple modern and fresh colours and prints, ready for outdoors


We create environments

…environments that transmit well-being

Fabrics for decoration

we design and create collections with the best finishing,
textures and contemporary colours

Wide variety

Printed fabrics, elegant plain colours.


Our exclusive anti-stains treatment,
with the European quality standards.